Philaphobia, Agliophobia, and Love

What is love? Love is a vast place to explore that only we, ourselves, can define. Love comes in many ways and different languages, it may either be scientific based, logic based, or something that you felt then defined. Some says it is like the love story of Psyche and Eros in Greek mythology wherein true love reigns, while some says it’s like staying at Hades’ lair. I am not an expert when it comes to love and I’m not also that experienced to give its factual meaning; but when it comes to love, we all have our own interpretation.

In my opinion, love is the greatest feeling one can receive from the person they cherish. To me, it is when you study hard so that you can grant your parents’ dream retirement, when you look after someone when they are sick, when you are worried if they have already eaten, when you feel butterflies on your stomach when someone is around and other simple things that make someone feel special.

I have a positive viewpoint when it comes to love, but what I don’t seem to understand is why some people are afraid to do so? Why are they afraid to love if it is the greatest feeling of all? Why do they act cold and push people away from them? Why do they stay in their comfort zone as if it was the most comfortable place in the world? And why do some people have philophobia? Philophobia is when a person is afraid to love or have emotional attachment. It is when you over think of the consequences that might happen when you start to like someone; but why? Is it really more painful than rewarding?


To the bitter one’s, they acquire agliophobia. It is the fear of being hurt; being hurt from this little thing called love. They experienced emotional stress from their past relationships that they prefer to stay single. Well I cannot blame them, for as they say, “you are lucky if it’s true love but it hurts like hell if it’s not”. These are the ones who are good at “hugot” lines like, “Nah—it’s not a big deal, I’m just having an emotional breakdown. Don’t mind me”. They express their pain through indirect words that may contain different meanings. They express the pain through words hoping one day, the painful feeling would go away.

And the most famous one is the fear of rejection or getting rejected by someone you love. It doesn’t have a label as a phobia but most of men have experienced this while courting. The feeling where you get all nervous and sweaty palms; when you stutter in your sentences; when your mind suddenly goes blank; and when they give you that cute smile then you just faint  (adding a bit of exaggeration :D)


Now is love really that bad? I guess not. It must really be painful if you love more or love less, but isn’t that the process? Once you learn from the pain, you start to understand the true meaning of love. You start to give it more importance. You start to realize that you are willing to go all odds just for that one special someone. Love may be painful, but I promise, it’s worth it.


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