Many teachers nowadays, especially special science class teachers, expect a lot from their students in higher sections. They load students with various projects, assignments, and activities as if we were atlas who was bearing the weight of the heavens in Greek mythology. They say that they are only pushing us to our limits so that we can do better. They say that this is what special science class is about. They say that they are only requiring the “typical” type of a student’s project with a shorter span of project making time; but if you have about 11 subjects, and all of them demand at least 1-2 outputs per subject, then, we cannot comply no more.

It may seem that we, students, complain a lot about our requirements, but this is only because we are having lesser time spent with our precious loved ones due to our hellish requirements so-called, “paper works”. “Set your priorities straight”, my father’s words echoes through my head. “This is for your future”, there goes my teacher’s voice like a conscience in my mind. What am I supposed to do? Which should I give more importance? I kept on asking and asking which one I should do first, until I fail in both fields and just jump off a cliff.


Due to pressure given by our subject teachers which they refer to as “motivation”, most of us are having misconceptions with the word, “success”. Countless students are using dirty tactics just to be able to pass the semester and call themselves “successful”. Successful? In cheating? In breaking the true meaning of learning?

This is where we obtain Atychiphobia. Atychiphobia is the unwanted or persistent fear of failure that the ones who have this will do anything to pass or just quit trying and miss their chance to grow and be successful. Some students just sit in the corner and pity themselves as they are called “failures”, while some would use dirty tricks they hid within their sleeves. Is this the society we worked hard for? Is this what we lived for? That we were born to ravage the hint of hope other people have for a brighter future? If I were asked, I believe not.


Paulo Coelho once said,

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure”.

He is right. The fear of failure is only a part of over thinking. We fear that we and our actions are not enough. We fear that somebody is better than us and that will only lead us to a dump site of rejection. Yet, that is only from the monsters we kept inside our heads.

I believe that if teachers act more like a leader than a boss, then everyone would be willing to learn new knowledge with their priorities in place. If students learn how to manage their time well and be inspired instead of pressured, then we will be more productive. If everyone would be willing to cooperate to help one another in achieving the true meaning of success, then the idea of our generation as the new heroes of the future is no longer a hazy dream.


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